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MarketVIEW - Meningitis ACWY vaccines

Updated: July 2014

Gram-negative Neisseria meningitidis ( is an important contributor to bacterial meningitis. Of the estimated 1.2 million cases which occur each year (WHO Figures), is thought to be responsible for around 40% of the total where 5 main serogroups ACWY and B are responsible for the majority of disease.

Conjugated vaccines to prevent meningococcal disease have had successful impact especially in the United Kingdom (serogroup C, implemented 1999). In 2005, a newer quadrivalent conjugated vaccine with protection against ACWY serogroups, Menactra (MCV4) was recommended for use in US adolescents. To expand the market further new ACWY conjugated vaccines such as Nimenrix (GSK, EU approved), Menveo (Novartis, FDA approved) and also Menactra (Sanofi Pasteur) have been aiming for use in infants/toddlers as well as further EU schedule inclusion to emulate adolescent recommendations in Greece and Austria. The competitive situation could also take a new turn after the announcement (April 2014) that GSK Biologicals will acquire the vaccines business of Novartis (excluding influenza vaccines).

This MarketVIEW product gives a comprehensive vaccine value ($USD/volume (000s) forecast for all conjugated and unconjugate ACWY products within all age groups indications in the critical US market, EU5, LATAM and MENA regions for the next 10-15 years. The model includes BASE/HI forecast scenarios so the user can visualize the commercial impact of differing recommendation/competitive and pricing scenarios. The analysis also gives a latest review of disease epidemiology.


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