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DiseaseINFOPACK: Clostridium difficile - Rest of World/Emerging markets

Published: May 2010

Clostridium difficile (C.diff) infection (CDI) is an important contributor to the overall burden of hospital acquired-infections (HAIs) and is responsible for elevated morbidity and mortality in individuals > 65yrs, especially those with underlying co-morbidities. While oral vancomycin and metronidazole have been the mainstay of CDI treatment for many years, commercial manufacturers are now focusing of newer treatments including new generation antibiotics (Fidaxomicin, OPT-80) and immunological approaches e.g. passive and active vaccines.

Although information and literature pertaining to CDI is widespread in major Western markets, a lot less is known in large emerging economies and "Rest of World" markets. Obtaining such knowledge is critical to begin the formulation of a global market development strategy for newer CDI interventions.

This DiseaseINFOPACK is a comprehensive up-to-date review of current peer-reviewed literature in emerging economies and "Rest of World" markets extending upon previous VacZine Analytics analyses conducted in China and Western economies. It gives a comparative view of current C.diff epidemiology across regions and a critical appraisal of current understanding to date.


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