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DiseaseINFOPACK: Enterovirus-71

Published: August 2009

Enterovirus-71 (EV-71) is a common etiologic agent of hand-foot and mouth (HFMD) disease which is mainly a disease of children <10 yrs. Although prodrome symptoms of HFMD are self resolving, the EV-71 can also cause severe neurologic disease including encephalitis, meningitis, and polio-like paralysis. In particular, EV-71 has caused epidemics in the Western pacific region such as Taiwan (1998), Singapore (2000) and China (2007)

This DiseaseINFOPACK provides an up-to-date comprehensive review of current literature pertaining to Enterovirus-71 virus including its epidemiology (outbreaks), surveillance and dynamics. Because of its potential to cause mortality and severe morbidity in children, and regional significance, EV-71 appears a plausible target for a vaccine-based preventative approach. EV-71 is under consideration by a number of commercial manufacturers.


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